Say hello to our panel of BD List Judges.



List 5 BD Judge

Jenny has been riding horses for over 50years. Her initial interests were show jumping and cross country.  She began by working at a riding school, then running the college riding club and team whilst she was at York. Jenny’s first horse had a desire for speed and fences and showing, working hunter and hunter trials were his forte . However, in his later years she took an interest in dressage, particularly that involving music and her annual yard dressage competition took off with immediate success with her freestyles.

Jenny kept her horses for their lifetime, sadly at 22 years her first horse lost his life. She continued to play with her son’s little welsh pony, who was ace at dressage, especially extended trots and got up to competing at medium level. Jenny’s next mare arrived literally at the doorstep, initially a project for her to work with but she ended up buying her. It was a good learning curve, a thoroughbred mare, so willing to please but tight backed and underneath a very anxious nature. However, she worked her way up to PSG, mainly in freestyle.

Jenny’s step into judging was slowly developing as she spent hours writing for numerous competitions, especially high-level freestyle. Her mare then had a serious colic and had to have an operation, she decided to give her a good year to recover and in that time concentrated on the steps to becoming a judge. Jenny spent time keeping her riding going by working with other horses and going for schoolmaster lessons to further her knowledge, getting the opportunity to ride all grand prix movements. Jenny has trained at Oldencraig, Talland, John Lasseters and with Laura Fry. Lunge lessons were also an integral part of keeping riding fit. Between work as a teacher and looking after family, Jenny continued judging and giving dressage lessons. Jenny’s success with the freestyles led her down a new path of designing freestyles and along with Helen Bradley did clinics and talks for B.D. Jenny progressed for a while doing clinics throughout the British isles working with a variety of competitors including riding clubs, pony team riders and Para riders, however family commitments took over and Jenny only did freestyles by request. Sadly Jenny lost her mare, she reached the age of 28 and their pony reached 37.  

Jenny now concentrates on judging (and doing a few freestyles, just to keep her eye in! ) Jenny’s experiences allow her to judge with a more in depth understanding, she has made mistakes along the way, judging has helped her to see where the problems are and just how our horses should be moving and connecting. Through learning from her own experiences, it makes Jenny better able to understand the problems and blocks rider’s may face and help them attain a more fluent supple connection with their horse along with a more understanding partnership, through making positive remarks that direct progress. Although judging is still about assessing what is seen at that moment and not a lesson, Jenny feel’s that the opportunity to take time, observe detail and reflect that is given by online judging, is a tremendous opportunity to make observations that are real quality for the competitors and useful tools for their training



List 3 BD Judge

Catherine is a List 3 BD Judge and qualified BHS Stage 4 Coach. Catherine has a wealth of experience producing her own horses, she has British Evented up to Intermediate Level and competed BS up to Foxhunter. We are very lucky to have her as a member of Team Cash Dressage Online!



List 4 BD Judge

Samantha is a list four judge who recently moved to Worcestershire from Hampshire to escape working in London. Samantha balances having her horses at home with a fairly full on job managing a team of development managers and consultants.  Samantha is also an ILM qualified coach.

Samantha has a longstanding interest in dressage to music and has enjoyed competing in and judging lots of it.

Samantha was lucky enough to have been head judge at the last Olympia Quadrille final.   Samantha advised that the qualifier for this at the BRC championships has so many great teams and the effort and detail put into the routines is fantastic.

Samantha also judges at the RDA championships, Samantha commented that it has probably the nicest atmosphere of any show she has ever had the pleasure of judging at.  Whilst it was very competitive and the riders and handlers take it very seriously, there is a feeling that everyone pulls together, even loaning horses to other riders if one unexpectedly can’t compete.

Samantha is really pleased to have been asked to join the panel as online gives everyone the opportunity to compete, without pressure and is looking forward to seeing you!



List 5 BD Judge

My name is Fiona Lowrey.   I started judging unaffiliated dressage about 10 years ago and took the plunge and applied for British Dressage judging and qualified in 2017.  As a BD judge we continue to learn and develop our skills.  It has been an amazing experience and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I judge BD, dressage to music, horse trials and unaffiliated classes.  

I have competed at dressage for more years than I care to remember so understand what it’s like from both sides of the boards and yes I still get nervous!  Not having the money to buy ‘proper dressage horses’ I have competed on cobs, natives and ex jumping ponies qualifying them for Area and Regional events.  I strongly believe it’s all about the training, having the right horse and rider combination, having fun and developing that special bond with your horse.

I am currently competing Elementary with my Connemara Rocky who certainly keeps me in my toes with his sharpness, sense of humour and dislike of judges boxes!

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List 4 BD Judge

I’m a list 4 BD judge, hoping to upgrade as soon as we can get going again!
I am also a BD UKCC level 2 recognised coach, I have found that judging and coaching really compliment each other as you tend to see things from a pupils and competitors prospective and I thoroughly enjoy doing both!
I have 2 horses of my own my older horse Harvey is 20 and having a lovely time hacking out still, my younger horse Dora is recovering from a foot problem but we hope to be back out competing in the near future.