5 minutes with a Cash Dressage Online Competitor....

🌟 5 minutes with a Cash Dressage Online Competitor🌟

We caught up with Kirsty (Kirsty & Kayleigh Chappell's competing page #teamchappell) today to learn more about our competitors and get their views on on CDO😊

Tell us a bit about yourself & your horse?

My name is Kirsty, I am 26 and I own two ponies called Hattie and Barbie. Barbie is now semi retired so Hattie is the one who does the competing. She is an 8 year old appaloosa X TB and I have had her for a little over 5 years.

How did you first become interested in Dressage?

I done my first ever dressage test in 2010 and got into pony club and it just went from there really! Back then I did prefer showjumping but done dressage for teams and for something to do in-between showjumping competitions. However, when I got Hattie as a 3 year old we took it all slow and found her lovely to school on the flat, so then I decided to give dressage more of a chance with her.

What appealed to you to give Cash Dressage Online a go?

As we are in lockdown and not competing in reality at the moment I've found online dressage to be the way forward. I like to support new and upcoming businesses and Cash Dressage Online was the perfect way to do both. I like that they have their own dressage tests too, keeps us busy learning new tests!

How did you find the process of Cash Dressage Online?

I found the process of Cash Dressage Online really relaxed, the website it very easy to use to enter the tests and find which test you'd like to ride. Uploading was easy too via YouTube and emailing the link over, I got confirmation that they'd revieved my test too which put my mind at ease! I loved having the option of having my test sheet emailed to me before results day. I am so impatient and just want to know my score once I've done a test, so that was lovely to have it back sooner!

What did you think of your feedback?

The feedback I received was very fair and informative, I know exactly what to work on and hope to see that I have improved on those things next time.

Do you think you’ll join us again?

I will definitely be joining Cash Dressage Online again, I have already learned the test I plan to do next month!

📣Join Kirsty and our other competitors all over the UK & Ireland this month in our February classes, entries are open now📣


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