5 minutes with a Cash Dressage Online Competitor...

🌟5 minutes with a Cash Dressage Online Competitor🌟

We caught up with Lissie Britten to learn more about our competitors and get some feedback on our first months competition🤗

Tell us a bit about yourself & your horse?

My name is Lissie Britten, I am a 24 year old Dressage rider from South Wales. My boy is called Paddy and we have been a team for 7 years! He is 16.2/16.3, 16 year old Irish Draught x Irish Sports. We've been through a ride together. Back at the end of 2016/start of 2017 Paddy began to go on/off lame. After investigation we found out he had torn a ligament in both his back legs as well as having Arthritis in his stifle joints. After lots of rehab and a 9 month holiday he is back flying higher than ever before. Last year we managed a double win at a show (which never happened before), then throughout lockdown we managed 9 wins back to back through online competitions.

How did you first become interested in Dressage?

I first became interested in dressage with my old boy when my instructor started to show me the different sides to flatwork. We then did a few combined trainings at our local show ground, and from there I realised that I enjoyed flatwork more than jumping. Then when I bought Paddy, he had done quite a bit of dressage and had the basics there. From there I realised how natural he felt with the dressage. Also how much he didn't like coloured fillers as well as how much i didnt like them anymore!! From there I became a dressage diva!!

What appealed to you to give Cash Dressage Online a go?

With lockdown, I was missing competing. I had one site that I love using however wanted to see what other people thought of us as a team as well as how far Paddy could go. The fact that BD registere