A snow filled week!

It’s been a snow filled week for most of us in the UK☃️

I think like most, I haven’t been able to do any riding so the horses have had a week off which I’m sure they don’t mind🤣

During the quiet time I’ve been working on our website, creating higher levels, making new tests, working out next months sections and organising all of our lovely sponsors🥰

I’ve also spent lots of time enjoying the snow with my son, this has been the first year that’s he really been able to experience the snow so we had lots of fun sledging👏🏻

GOOD NEWS though, the weather is due to warm up next week so we can all crack on riding. We’ve already had quite a few video submissions already, can’t wait to see more coming in as it warms up and the snow clears🤞🏻🤞🏻