Introducing Iremore Sportswear!

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Iremore Sportswear 😍😍

‘There is a saying that goes ‘if you want something done right do it yourself’, and that is exactly why I founded Iremore Sportswear.

As an equestrian on a student budget, I felt the market was full of clothing that couldn’t handle the daily wear I demanded from it. Everything seemed to be designed with looks as a priority, and durability and practicality as an afterthought, and the prices were way out of my budget. Having studied fashion at university I knew I could combine my knowledge of fabrics, design and fit to create clothing that really met the demands of the true equestrian consumer, and that’s when Iremore Sportswear was born.

There are three key factors that I wanted to apply to each Iremore product: durability, design and price. I sourced high-quality fabrics that are built to last, which are cut into designs that fit and perform well, and can withstand even the hardest of wear. I wanted the designs to be classic and timeless with no over-the-top branding or prints so you can wear Iremore both in the saddle or on the street, making them a true staple in your wardrobe. The equestrian market is full of expensive brands but Iremore provides affordable, premium equestrian wear for everyone – whether that be a beginner, student or a professional rider.

I love our debut collection and I hope you do too!’

I love the look of their collection, head to their page to find out more🤩🤩

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