Pat your horse.

Pat your horse.

Whether you just achieved your best score, had that unlucky wrong movement or a disaster dressage. It could have been the best test of your life or maybe it was your worst, pat your horse.

Nothing about our lives is a given, a long ridden career is never guaranteed for a horse or rider - our next breath could be life changing for better or even for worse.

You could be lucky enough to have many happy years with your horse ahead of you, or the last ride you had could be your last for good.

At the end of the day we dance within white boards with our horse for ribbons. I try to remind myself to not take it all so seriously and just savour the moments of truly being ‘at one’ with my horse and just be grateful to even be in that moment in the first place.

So whatever the outcome of my test, I always remember to pat and thank my horse

Photo credit -

Samantha Richmond

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