Picture this.....

It’s January, you’ve entered with us in our first month of Cash Dressage Online. You’ve danced your heart out with your horsey partner and excitedly await results

Results come, you’ve won your section Through your door comes the best quality Championship rosette you’ve ever seen, £50 CASH & an absolutely amazing KM Elite Products Memory Foam Girth

Yes that’s right ANOTHER AMAZING sponsor is joining the team

KM Elite’s memory foam girth has an outer layer of Coolmax material to ensure maximum breathability. While the underlayer of memory foam moulds to the horse offering a comfortable material against the skin. The KM Elite memory foam girth has triple crossed elastic on both ends for reinforcement to avoid stretching or loss of shape - thereby giving a perfectly even pressure across the entire girth

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What other online competitions do you know that have over £100 worth of cash and prizes up for grabs in their monthly classes I’d certainly struggle to name any

Cash Dressage Online is coming very soon, keep an eye on our page for MORE sponsor announcements and our launch date over the next few days.....