Do you fancy having a go at dressage but don’t have BD Legal tack or don’t have a marked 20x40 arena?

Our Relaxed Rules Section is for you! It’s all about making dressage accessible for everyone👏🏻 Check out our schedule to find out more!

Don’t forget, enter one section and you can enter a second section in the same class for half price using the code below🤩🤩⬇️

Intro 2: INTRO2

Intro 5: INTRO5

Prelim 2: PRELIM2

Prelim 5: PRELIM5

Novice 3: NOVICE3

Novice 4: NOVICE4

Elementary 3: ELEMENTARY3

Elementary 5: ELEMENTARY5

📣Please note, it needs to be a section in the same class, it can not be two separate classes📣


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