Updates & Announcements.

A few announcements and updates for you all entering at Cash Dressage Online

Firstly, I would just like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response I’ve had so far since opening entries! I am so grateful to have so many supporters to get us up and running.

For anyone entering Elementary 2, there has been a slight change to the test. Please head to our website to download the new test!

Once you’ve entered, please check your Junk Mail if you don’t receive any emails from us. You should receive 2 emails, one for confirmation of entry and the other is a top tips for entering email.

Please make sure you have a good read through our ‘Rules’ page to make sure you are eligible for the section you have entered. This also includes information on placings, leagues, prize money delegation and so on.

Any issues please PM our page or you can email us at

Thanks again everyone, im looking forward to reiceving submissions and I can’t wait for people to receive our beautiful rosettes, they are even better in person.

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